… and i need to test out some tumblr integration I wrote. So here is a picture of a kitten:


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Anonymous asked: Dear Neil, I don't know if you're aware of down-low tumblr stuff that goes on or not, but I may or may not be writing a fanfiction where you and Robert Borden go to Hogwarts and you ask him to the Yule Ball.

That sounds amazing and horrifying and awesome and fantastic! O_o

or something.


Anonymous asked: Neil come back!!! Surly you must have some free time to tweet and maybe make a video now and then? Also will you be at one of the Ordinary Tour shows and at Vidcon?

YES! I will be at the Ordinary Tour stop in San Francisco… And i plan to crash vidcon (no ticket or hotel room). I’ll see you there! lol.

Also, I do still tweet, and I swear I am going to start making videos again, whenever I am able to stop working full time and actually commit to a youtube project. Give me like 5 months or something. O_o

eisandoes-deactivated20130313 asked: It's so wonderful that you're coming back! There has been a significant lack of lion on the internet as of late.

hahaha, i’m working on it. O_O

radiswhatweaimfor asked: So, do you think you'll have a new video out by valentines day? n_n

I think i would like for that to be a thing? Maybe a love story. ;]

now-iseefire asked: ngl, i almost peed when I saw you on my dash, . Oh how the internet has missed you so

ohhhhh, how i have missed the introwebz.

yourbestgayfriend asked: It's my favorite person on youtube! So glad to hear that you're making a come back

shushhhhhh dont say it too loud

hctrcbn asked: VidCon 2011 I told the security guard you were okay to enter, even though you weren't wearing your name badge and you instantly began asking me question, while bogging the escalator. VidCon 2012 you remembered my name and gave me a hug. I was like "o.O Neil remembers my name? WHA-?!" It kind of made my day. What's next? Shall we having a dance party? If so, I can't wait to see you in the future, ahaha. No question. Just wanted to say I hope you one day return to video-making. I truly enjoy them.

I hope so too friend. I just wish i could tell who you are from your tumblr thing. :]

Anonymous asked: You could try making up for the absence with a shirtless pic! Show us what we've been missing :(

hahaha, i have not got these sort of messages since like 2009. maybe this whole internet comeback thing is going to be fun. :]

notimeforplanning asked: What have you been up too as of late?

doing a lot of programming/working/rubiks cubes… i got new ones :]